Container (Wadi Nar), Ras Abu Sbitan (Olive Terminal), Sheikh Saed, Sun 7.10.07, Morning

Edna P., Maya B., Anat T. (reporting)

Sheikh Saed:
06:45 - The soldiers are busy with an improvised fence that seems to fall beside the narrow road. Their aim is to prevent parking near the checkpoint. In the checkpoint people go through without any problem, under the observing eye of the commander of the region who is in site and makes passage easy.

While the area is under construction for a permanent building (that was given permission lately by the Supreme Court), there is only a narrow and stony path left at the end of the area, and people can pass there to both sides - one person at a time. It is true that the buldozers are supposed to arrive, but in the meanwhile all the area is open, and the passage way is impossibley narrow and rocky, to the point of insulting the population. And of course there can happen unfavorable falls. There is no justification to those conditions.

On the way to Ras El Amud we bump into run-over-cats, and a lot of garbage on the sides of the road. Why doesn't the municipality of Jerusalem takes away the garbage here more often? The sight is simply disgusting.

The Container
08:00 - An impressive mission of hight officers and their helping team and drivers is in the place. They do not even look at us, not to mention answer our "Shalom" (hallo). We don't know if they are here in order to examin some way of good will act towards the Palestinians before the talkes or in order to check the possibility of some permanent changes here too. In any case, the traffic flows and there are no detains ore vehicles being checked.

Zeitim CP
09:00 - Despite Ramadan there are almost no people passing. A group of students with Palestinian documents from El-Kuds university in Abu-Dis, 17-18 years of age, ask for our help to go to El-Aksa. There in no chance, answers Elisha. The rule is to let go only women above 40, and also people with blue ID's, or severe humanitairian cases. We suggest that they go to the Palestinian DCO and try and ask to go through tomorrow - maybe things will change, but they give up. They wanted to go today. A big dispappointment for them.