'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Thu 29.11.07, Morning

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Sima S., Lea R. (reporting)
06:45 - 09:30
06:45 A'anin CP
We meet quite a large number of people who are going through to the seamline zone. They tell us: 'The soldiers are all right.'

07:10 Shaked - Tura CP
The school children are on their way to the CP and go through quickly. The adults, as always, enter the inspection pavilion. A man with a donkey and cart wants to transport a tv set for repair on the West Bank. Will he get through? No. The telephone calls to the center and to the DCO do help and in the end the tv set gets through; but what will happen after it's repaired and the man will want to bring it back?

8:10 Reihan-Barta'a CP

Eight loaded pickup trucks are waiting in the parking lot. There is a new shed for inspecting cars. The drivers complain about the way the passage works at the Mavo Dothan-Ameriha CP. On leaving the terminal on the side of the seamline zone, many people complain about the inspection in the room inside. A young fellow tells us that he and his friend laughed and the inspector asked him if he was laughing at him - and as punishment he kept him in a separate room for an hour and a quarter. The fellow complains about a soldier who works with rubber gloves; he says he is the worst of all.