Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Tue 20.11.07, Morning

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Ruth E., Rama Y. (reporting)


06:30, Bethlehem CP. A definitely untypical morning, where all functioned as it should. Six checking posts, no less, were open, and the soldiers worked quickly and efficiently. No long lines on the other side either, we were told. 


One man was refused passage, though his documents were in order. It is typical that though the army stores and computerizes all possible details about every single Palestinian that moves around, it does not deem it necessary to note the reason for the prevention, and people are refused passage without any explanation at all.  


07:30, Ezyon DCL. Less than ten persons. A couple with a small child, who came to revalidate the woman’s permit to stay with her husband, were sent to the Palestinian Authority’s offices at Beit Jalla.