'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Mon 3.12.07, Morning

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Lea R., Neta J. (reporting)
06:05 A'anin CP
The soldiers are having a hard time opening the gate on the side of the seamline zone. The lock is stuck. In the end, they manage to open it. The first to go through is an old man on crutches. I drive him to where he wants to go and continue observing at the CP. Today, because of the rain, only 40 people go through. They do not allow people to transport oil, not even a single can.
07:10 Shaked-Tura CP
There are many soldiers at the CP. They are consulting one another and in the meantime the passage is slow. People enter the inspection pavilion in pairs. The young pupils arrive later than usual. They waited until the rain stopped. The soldiers, as usual, look into their school bags.
07:45 Reihan-Barta'a CP
In the upper parking lot, on the side of the seamline zone, those going through complain about the inspection in the internal rooms. They say that in the shed that was put up at the end, the sleeveinfo-icon is too small, and it is not appropriate for men and woman to wait there together.
In the Palestinian parking lot seven loaded pickup trucks are waiting. Four private cars are being inspected in the white tent that was put up near the vehicle CP. This morning we did not see or hear any dogs. The cars were inspected with mirrors. The cars going through from the seamline zone to the West Bank were also inspected in this way.
08:00 There is relatively a lot of traffic - people going through in both directions. Residents of the West Bank who work in Barta'a arrive at this time.
Drivers tell us that the passage in the Mavo Dothan - Americha CP is now easier after the visit of Major Bassam and the head of the DCO, Colonel Fares. Despite this, one of the drivers, a Bedoui, who lives in Americha, says that he of all people is not allowed through there.
09:00 About ten civilians and policemen were given a guided tour of the CP. They are probably being shown a "Model CP", with a planned layout and with decorations. When we come "too close" to them, one of them tells us to go away. We try to ask for a permit to enter the terminal. He tells us to ask Ronen, the head appointed by the Ministry of Security, who was not there. We will try again.
09:35 We leave. 10 loaded pickup trucks are waiting at this time.