Beit Iba, Thu 8.11.07, Morning

Nina S. Shoshana Z. Yardena T (reporting) Natanya translating

Beit Iba 8.10 

Men passed quickly into Nablus. Women and the elderly were not checked. Many students. No lines of cars. At the exit of Nablus some traffic. The passage was through the turnstiles.  Bags and IDs checked swiftly.  Military policewoman were without name tags and were not very friendly.

The commander came up to us and told us of one of our members who a few days ago had cursed a soldier in a very vulgar way "you are a bastard and you should have a bad year." He could not say exactly when.

Nina speaks to him about a soldier who hit a Palestinian who had pushed him  and the commander is adamant that a Palestinian may not touch a soldier and if he does so it is permitted to hit him until he learns his lesson. Afterwards, the soldier is to detain and arrest him.

The DCO representative, T.  of whom there should only be more like him knows Arabs and takes part in the routine of the checkpoint sometimes checking cars and sometimes IDs.


A long line of car at the entrance to Nablus and we asked the DCO to help. Two taxi drivers detained for an hour.