Beit Iba, Tue 6.11.07, Morning

Ruti C, Elinoar B (reporting)

Beit Iba 07:10 - 08:40

A cloud of dust welcomes us, visibility is nil. The quarry is working in full steam. It is hard to stand at the checkpoint today.

Due to the construction, the checking takes place on the road, where the vehicles exiting Nablus pass, a rather dangerous situation.

Lively traffic at The pedestrian checkpoint, but unlike last week no lines form despite the fact that all men and some women are checked. ID numbers that appear on the shortlist, or "bingo" in army lingo, are checked and the document is handed back fairly quickly.

The people exiting the city are checked thoroughly as usual, contents of bags spilled on the waiting table, etc.

The vehicle check is rather slow. We timed a truck standing in the middle of the line, it took 15 minutes for him to pass.