'Anata, Ar-Ram, Qalandiya, Thu 15.11.07, Morning

Avital T., Mili M. (reporting)

Lille, Qalandya,Old Ar-Ram, Anata,

6.15 Lille

Two new lanes (one on each
direction) where Palestinians cars are being checked. Traffic flows on both

6. 20 Qalandiya

Huge crowd at the external turnstiles, although
five entrances were open. Monitoring the opening of the turnstiles is ,much too
slow and is not coordinated with the flow of the traffic at the entrances. The
soldier at the booth explains that there are new soldiers to-day and they have
to be briefed when asked why the people have to pay the price for this briefing,
he says that this is for the sake of better service in the future, but
afterwards the monitoring of the turnstiles improves considerably.

No separate lane for students and women, the BP
officer explains that such a special lane could was possible at the beginning of
the school year when they all came at once, but now that they come individually
the separate lane has to be made from moment to moment, and it should be
constantly announced, however he announcement system does not work to-day.
(Where did they manage to get equipment that constantly breaks down?)

When we leave (at 7.20) there is very little crowd
at the turnstiles and five entrance are open.

7.35 Old Ar-Ram

Almost deserted. We did manage to "dry this CP

7.50 Anata

Very quiet, rush hour is over.