'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Thu 22.11.07, Morning

Observing and Reporting: Lea R., Raya, Ts.
A'anin 06:00 - 06:50
Open, people going through as usual

Shaked  07:00-07:30
The children go through in groups; the schoolbags are inspected as usual.
Reihan 07:45-08:50
A little girl about 7 years old is standing by herself in the Palestinian parking lot. After ten minutes her sister, who appears to be about 10, joins her. The older girl is crying more, looks frightened and is shaking with fear. She does not talk; it turns out that she is deaf. During the inspection, the soldiers separated her from her little sister, who is also deaf, and they tore the zipper of one of the sections of her schoolbag, so everything in it scattered.
On the road, two cars are waiting; they complain that there is a long queue at Mavo Dothan because an officer is teaching the soldiers how to inspect the cars and the inspection is very slow.