Reihan, Shaked, Wed 28.11.07, Morning

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Lillian and Nava (reporting)
0800 - Shaked CP
Only a few people are going through in both directions. the CP is operating as usual. They meticulously inspect cars going in both directions - about five minutes per car. The passengers go through the inspection pavilion.

0840 - Reihan CP
In the direction of the West Bank there are no cars except for a military vehicle going through from time to time. In the vehicle CP, nine cars going to the seamline zone are waiting. Nine pickup trucks with agricultural goods are waiting to go through to the seamline zone. The drivers claim that they have been waiting since 0700 a.m. A vehicle of the Red Cross is delayed for a longer time than usual. There is a lively  argument with the driver of the Transit. In the closed compound, there is not enough room for a large truck and its driver is requested to give up his place in the queue to a smaller vehicle. The truck driver is not ready to do this and only after a long argument is some space made available in the compound and the passage goes on. It takes about 40 minutes to inspect each vehicle. In Barta'a we met drivers who complained that they are not allowed to go through the CP with goods more than once. That makes it very difficult for them to make a living. We have to find out if it is possible to do something about this.