Beit Furik, Huwwara, Tue 13.11.07, Afternoon

Miram S. Hana K.

Natanya translating.

2.20 Huwwara. 
When we arrive there was a change in shift and the violent flat was flying. We could hear from afar "Move. Move. Go back, You man, walk." It seems that when the soldiers were sent out to the checkpoint these were the only words that they learned.  Because the different lines functioned in different ways people who have passed through wait for one another. Where do they go? A question that need not be asked. Once there were benches for them to wait on and now there are none.  The military policewoman sends us off and will not answer questions.  One of the soldier says. " Once again they are here, them!"  A young man is detained for 10 minutes and freed.

3.20 Beit Furik.
The white lane is no longer as amateurish as it was a two weeks ago. The new line does allow us to see something and so it fills its function.  Few people passing at this moment and 10 cars wait at the exit.

3.40  We went back to Hawarra where there were more soldiers and commanders. It seems that reinforcements were called in after a fight between two Palestinians. The humanitarian line is slower than the ordinary line and the men wait for their wives. A Palestinian says that those who have arrived are indifferent to what is happening and is more interested in chatting about romantic matters thinking that the Palestinians do not understand. An hour later at 4.30 another humanitarian line is opened   and the line shortens.

4.40 We left.