Hebron, Sansana, South Hebron Hills, Wed 7.11.07, Morning

Zipi, Yael Z.

Meitar (Sansana) CP

7.00  – Only few workers still waiting to be checked.

There are some Phalestinians' cars in the parking lot and some other private cars along road no. 60 which may mean new orders??

Dura- El Pawar, Sheep j., Shauch-Sair: Open CP.


7.45- Last few children passing through the magnometer at Pharmacy CP and Tarpat CP.

CPT volunteers told us about a new routine: The soldiers check some of the children's bags slowing down their way to school.

Shuhada CP - empty.

On our way back, an Australian CPT volunteer asked us to help Muhamad, 10 years old child on a wheel chair who has to be pushed over a hill so as to reach the very near school.

There is a concrete wall separating his house from the street going to the school at the other end of the magnometer. Is there a way to break the wall for him??

Route 317

Zif J. – open

The road is deserted.