Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Tue 6.11.07, Morning

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Ruth E.,Aviva W., Rama Y. (reporting)

06:40, Bethlehem CP. Again, people complained about the crowding on the other side. A woman told us in a shaky voice about the harassments women sometimes suffer in the line.

There should be a separate humanitarian line in this CP.

A female soldier was excessively rude. She was sitting at booth no. 1, the only one where the palm print device was functioning. It seems there was yet another sophisticated renovation – Palestinians had to put their magnetic card on a magnetic tray near the palm print device, apparently a new procedure not known to them. While talking on the phone, she’d scream time and again through the loudspeaker, in Hebrew, at Palestinians to put the card on the tray. If they didn’t understand right away what they were supposed to do, she’d scream yet louder. People were confused and humiliated. When not screaming or talking on the phone, she would curse and insult us, through her loudspeaker.

It is hard to believe that they didn’t hear the screeches up there in the PC office, but though we called them, no one bothered to come down. It is clear that this young woman should not be let to deal with human beings.

08:10, Ezyon DCL. About thirty people.