Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Wed 7.11.07, Afternoon

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Daniela G., Mika G. (reporting)



15:15, Ezion DCL: Totally deserted/ No one in the waiting hall nor outside. The soldier in the booth behind the glass window says they are not allowed to speak to us. Nevertheless he is willing to answer a few questions. He gives us the name of the new commander, says people come mainly in the morning. In the afternoons the place is usually empty. A Palestinian who came to renew his magnetic cars was sent away empty handed, having being told he first has to go to the Palestinian office in Bethlehem. He said he was supposed to buy stamps worth about 180 NIS for the forms needed at the DCL. Does anyone know if that is the correct sum?

Another Palestinian arrived after being told at the Bethlehem CP that there is a problem with his magnetic card. He was luckier, he only had to have his hand print taken again and everything would be fine, he was told.


As for the price of permits – a Palestinian from Bet Umar told me today that he pays his employer 1000NIS per month for the work permit the latter secures for him, while, he the employer, only pays 600NIS at the DCL per permit.


16:15, Bethlehem CP: Outside, the Palestinians line up nicely in two rows supervised by two private security guards. The lines were quite long, but moved rapidly as 4 booths were operating and a fifth opened shortly after our arrival.