'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Jit, Wed 24.10.07, Morning

Inbal R., Dalia V., Nurit V.L.. (reporting)Translation: Galia S.

The entrance to Azzun is open.


Jit junction – empty in all directions.




08:50 – No passage restrictions.

When we came, there were 12-13 cars in line heading the exit, but the traffic started to stream. According to a driver who arrived at Beit Iba, the inspection was stopped earlier in the morning, delaying the traffic for an hour, and the place was soon heavily jammed. However, as soon as the inspection was resumed, most of the cars passed quickly without a real inspection. Within a few minutes, they were only 4-5 cars in line. Apparently, a watchful eye does "get things going". We asked the soldiers what had been going on in the morning, but they explained that the team had been replaced and they had no idea.


We heard from another taxi driver that yesterday, Tuesday 23.10.07, there had been a similar situation between 16:00 and 17:00. we took a telephone in order to find out later if the episode of a long delay repeats itself.


On our way back home, we reported to the midday shift as well as the Thursday's shift on the subject and asked them to check the situation.




09:30 – No passage restrictions. Very few vehicles pass, mainly from the direction of Tulkarm.


A taxi has been waiting about ten minutes for a documents check. A few minutes later, the documents are returned and the taxi leaves.


09:45 – We leave the checkpoint. On the way to Jubara we meet a man, picking olives alone beside the road. We ask him about the Agricultural Worker's Gatesinfo-icon and he says that the passage is smooth.