Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Wed 31.10.07, Morning

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Y.driver, D. O. R. (reporting)
Bethlehem, Husan, Al Nashash, Nebi Yunis, Beit Omar, DCL Etzion, 
Bethlehem CP 6:35 am
Five stations are open as we arrive.  Shortly thereafter a sixth is opened.  The lines are crowded and long.  An Ecumenical accompianer explains to us that the CP opened at 5:15 am.  However, only one metal detector was open which slowed the process.  Later when the second metal detector was opened, double the amount of people passed.  One soldier who is checking those entering appears to be ill.  He holds his head, works very slowly.  By 7:05 am, the lines are considerable shortened.  Two of the security men are civilians.
Hussan 7:10 am
We return a driver's license to a resident.
Al Nashash 7:25 am
No one approaches us for help
Nebi Yunis 7:55 am
We help four people with their traffic violations.
Beit Omar 8:45 am
We meet one man to return his driver's license.
DCL Etzion 9:15 am
A 44 year old man tells us that he has been working as a painter for a company in Jerusalem for 20 years.  He was stopped today as he tried to enter the CP at Bethlehem with an order by Shabak to appear at the DCL on November 8th.
He came here today because he does not want to lose all those working days.  He pressed the Call Button to ask to be seen today, but they did not respond to him.  I pressed the Call Button, asked if he could be seen today, and the answer was Yes.  When we left he was still waiting.  M, who takes care of Police issues, was not present today.  He said there was sign posted in the waiting room.  However, we saw no such sign.