Sun 23.9.07, Afternoon

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Shlomit S. and yael S. (reporting), translation by Ruthie Belkin

 Etzion DCL, Efrat, Bet Phagar, 23-9-07 PM


It was a late shift - we arrived at the DCL  building at 4:00 pm. There were two Palestinians who were waiting to enter; one was waiting for a magnetic card and the other was waiting for a permit.

There were two Palestinians inside the building. The soldier did not allow them to pass and I had to phone Lieutenant Tedsa in order to help them get in. Lieutenant Tedsa also made sure that five Palestinians who were waiting (some were there from 2 pm) for the GSS were taken care of.

One of the waiting Palestinians told us that his sister was murdered by settlers in Hebron five years ago (a retaliation for the murder of four settlers). He told us that the 25 rioters were photographed and their pictures even appeared in the newspapers, however his sister's killers were yet to be found. A letter from the IDF stated that the mystery has not been solved… I suggested that he contact 'Yesh Din' (a volunteer based organization in Israel defending Palestinian human rights - RB).

We next drove by the check points in the area. The south Efrat check point was un-manned, and in Bet Phagar there is no check point between road 60 to the entrance of the village.

A goat herd and a sheep herd were on their way home by the side of the road. A heavily laden donkey was on the way as well.

In Bet Omer the Iftar meal was due to start at a quarter to six.