Beit Furik, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Wed 7.11.07, Afternoon

Racheli B. Tamar F. Daphne B. (reporting)

Natanya translating.

14.20 Za'tara.
12 cars and the checking as swift and efficient.
25 cars from Nablus and two checking lanes. While we were there the checking speeded up but when we left there were again 20.

Buses are checked by the passengers alighting and having their IDs checked and then the bus is checked in the parking area and all this takes 15 minutes although there were only 10 passengers. The driver asks the soldier if it is possible to have a special lane for the buses who otherwise have to wait twice, once in the ordinary line and once for the second check. The soldier says that she is not the man who makes the orders and he should speak to the captain.  Tamar and Racheli did so but the captain said it was dangerous to do such a thing.

15.20 Huwwara.
Although it is Wednesday there are only about 100 people but the wait is long and the people angry. In the humanitarian line a young man kneels on his haunches and later we heard that he has been detained for about 3 hours. The soldiers say that they found bullets on him and are waiting for him to be taken away. When Tamar tries to get to him they take him to the isolation where he sits on the floor. S sergeant stands guard  and afterwards goes up to the Palestinians who are waiting and sends them off rudely. "Get the hell away from here...go." I think he did not want anyone within 50 metres of the man so as not to speak to him. In the end he gets fed up and goes off. I steal up and ask the young man why he is there but after the first question he refuses to answer anything else.  Is he scared or is a an act of honour? He wants nothing and will not say his name.

A group of photographers of OCHA want to phone and speak to H. on the phone and R. arrives and promised that he will get a permit in two minutes but by 16.00 no permit and they leave because in any case it is getting dark and they will not be able to photograph.

The young man guarded by three soldiers is taken to the toilet and the handcuffs taken off and put on again. I again try to speak to him but the commander sees me and takes him off to the area of the humanitarian line. Then a jeep came for him, he was blindfolded and taken away.

20 people get out of a minibus and stand about 30 metres away. All have baskets with blowers and holiday dress to a Hina celebration and 10 minutes later go on their way.

16.45 Beit Furik.  Few pedestrians and the soldiers stand and chat.

 But there are 9 cars coming from Nablus and the checking is slow but not hostile. Tamar suggests to the DCO captain , staff sergeant T. to open another lane and he does so at once.

17.10 We leave.