Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Thu 1.11.07, Afternoon

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Shosh B., Debra L., Avital C. (reporting)
Seriously? Does this make us safer?

Za'tara/Tapuach, Burin/Yitzhar,  Huwwara


14:15 Yitzhar not manned

 We  talk to taxi drivers about the incident with young boy carrying explosives

A detainee outside the pen . when we try to speak to him Mpolice  demands we move away.  The DCO representative and commanding officer come to  speak to the detainee and within 10 minutes he is released.

The dog unit checking outgoing vehicles

We then discover that the boy who had carried the explosives is inside the pen and he is blindfolded and the door to the pen is locked with a chain and lock.

14:55 the dog unit leaves

About 25 pedestrians waiting on line

There is a side line for women, families, older men

Intermittent traffic to Nablus-- no more then one or 2 cars on line

14:55 - 15:09 a line of vehicles from Nablus but because of our position we can not see the end of the line. The vehicles coming from Nablus are stopped about 100 meters from the checking booth. The passengers get out and wait at that point while the vehicle with the driver goes up to booth. The passengers with packages go over to the x-ray machine and then return to the waiting point. They must wait until the soldiers signal them to move forward. Before they are allowed to join the vehicle at the checking booth they may undergo another search such as being asked to raise shirt. The trunk and inside of the vehicle are checked . The procedure takes any where from 2 minutes to over 5 minutes.

15:09 about 50 pedestrians. We talk to commanding officer about the boy who is detained. We call the Center to ask about the boy. He has been at the CP since 11:30 (according to MW shift from the morning) and nobody seems to be concerned about when he be will taken and whether it will be police or the GSS .

15:30 we leave to Beit Iba.