Hamra, Tayasir, Wed 14.11.07, Afternoon

Anina K, Yehudit H

12:40 Tayasir Checkpoint

Still reservists.
Few cars passing in either direction, and the inspection is as usual: descend from vehicle 100 yards before the checkpoint, bring the IDs, receive approval to bring the car up to the checkpoint; the passengers pass through a building with turnstiles, meet up 200 yards beyond the checkpoint and drive on.
A soldier comes over to us and asks; "Who are you?’ When that is clarified for him, he asks for photos that were taken of him. According to him, he stars in the pictures. We draw his attention to the new web site.
Many children returning from school, packed into one vehicle. Many people greet us...

13:40 Hamra Checkpoint

All the concrete barriers have been painted white, with just a yellow stripe added at the top. On one of them a swastika is painted with a signature in Arabic alongside. Anina draws the soldiers attention to the swastika, but they do not even come to see it or relate to the matter. She asks the commander for paint to erase the swastika that bothers her, but the soldiers shrutg soldiers indifferently, and say they have no paint.
Workers returning home, in buses, taxis, private cars and on foot. 21 cars stand in line for Tubas: they pass quickly, almost without inspection.
Some drivers hand out IDs, others do not. The workers alight from the vehicles and pass the turnstiles, then get back on the vehicles after the checkpoint.
Within half an hour all the vehicles are gone. A few more cars come from both directions, and all pass quickly.
The heat is terrible. The sun is really piercing. Everything waits for rain...
14:30 – we leave.