Beit Furik, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Tue 30.10.07, Morning

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Yael P., Nurit V., Rachel A. (Reporting)

Translation: Rachel B.

Tapu'ach Junction 8:10 AM

Almost no cars waiting.

Huwwara: 8:20 AM

The checkpoint runs as usual.  There are 20-30 people in line.  At first, 3 stations are open plus a "humanitarian line," then only 2.  The Nmrwg (?) is functioning.

The officer from the District Coordinating Office, T., talks to us in a friendly manner and treat all the people passing through politely.  He demonstrates a willingness to help.  He calms down a soldier who seems to be trying to cause trouble.
A Palestinian man says that he is a doctor and the soldier tries to detain him saying he is not a doctor. Why? "because he is an eye doctor and that doesn't count.". There are no detaineesinfo-icon nor anyone who's been arrested.

Beit Fureik: 9:15 AM

There are very few people passing through the checkpoint.  A few cars.  Two soldiers see us approaching the checkpoint and call us to go back behind the checkpoint.  They are the same two soldiers who two weeks ago closed the checkpoint down for a half an hour in order to prevent us from standing in close proximity.  We tell them that we have the right to stand near the turnstiles.  They get angry and we are worried that they'll close the whole checkpoint again.  We call Noa for instructions on how to proceed and are told not to move away from the turnstiles.  While we debate with ourselves {on the best strategy}, we see that the soldiers are not going to close the checkpoint even though we are standing next to the turnstiles.
  A small victory. 
Did someone call them and instruct them on this??

We stay a bit longer to see if there is any change. Nothing happens.

10:00 AM

We go past Huwwara and decide not to go in.  It looks to us like with T. there, the checkpoint is in good hands. 

Next to the Tapu'ach Junction there are 20 cars waiting in line.