Abu Dis, Container (Wadi Nar), Ras Abu Sbitan (Olive Terminal), Tue 6.11.07, Afternoon

Julia W., Rina H., Rahel W.
Abu Dis. We went first to the home of our driver. Sammy, to see his wife and new babyinfo-icon girl.  His wife, who has a Israeli i.d. gave birth in Muhassed hospital by Caesarian section.  Sammy, who has a green i.d. could not accompany his wife to the hospital.  He tried to get a permit to visit his wife and first born child during their five day stay in the hospital, but each time he applied for a permit, he was told at the DCL that he had to bring an additional document -- proof that he was married, proof that there were no outstanding debts, etc.  After three abortive trips, he just sat home and, as he told us, "cried like a little girl".  He never did get to visit his wife in the hospital.

We  went to Wadi Naar.  For the first time, we saw a soldier with a rifle on ready stationed in a concrete structure at the turn of the road where vehicles coming from the south pass by.  Behind him, beneath the pill box, there was a car being examined by a team with a dog.  We could not see the driver, but obviously the car was going a minute examination.  Another car was parked on the road in the area of the checkpoint going down toward Bethlehem with no driver in sight. 

Generally, when there is a long line up of traffic, as soon as we appear, the traffic starts to move more quickly.  This time, the opposite happened.  As soon as we appeared, the soldiers started examining more cars heading south at great length and the line of cars grew longer.  As we moved away, the cars were again moved through without delay.

We were going to go to the Zeitun terminal, but by then, it was quite late and Sammy told us that the place would be nearly empty.