Reihan, Shaked, Sat 17.11.07, Morning

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Sarit A, Rachel C (reporting)
Seriously? Does this make us safer?

07:00 - 09:00

07:00 Reihan Checkpoint
In the upper parking lot five cars. Five others waiting for the checkpoint to open for transit southwards. Pedestrians in the sleeveinfo-icon, mostly students with books and bags. The yellow gate is closed across the whole width of the road. The checkpoint guards are milling around next to the east position. "No problems. We'll open, only don't come here," they start. They open. We cross. Four cars and a tractor are waiting to cross to the Seam Zone or Israel. In the lower parking lot 50 or more people are waiting. The line of women is separated from the men. 07:15 -- they open. Time after time the crowd rushes forward and gets the noisy and humiliating education... People waiting are obliged to enter by groups of five. Only five. Otherwise, the gate will close. To alleviate any doubt, a guard (sunglasses, ear piece) approaches and with the help of a rifle barrel orders: " You! You! You! You!" to go through the gate. After a few failing attempts not to obey the order, the crowd is tamed. More people arrive. The students who were entering as we came, begin to emerge.
People from Kafin complain that their agricultural gate has been closed for two days already. There is a lot of work in the vineyards, but it's impossible to pass. And they are not allowed through at Rihan. Under the roof 500 egg trays.
07:35 --  we cross to the entrance to the terminal, after we noted two people waiting to enter so we can check how long it takes them to traverse the terminal. By the time we arrive they were both through. One of them comes out at 07:50, the other at 08:25. Meanwhile we talk with the seamstresses waiting for the rest of their group. They tell us about the humiliation of the body search. Four of them had to take their clothes off. A few of the men complain about the crowding and the time it takes.
08:30 -- traffic to the terminal is very lively. Two stations are working. The flow out is also steady. We count 20 people in five minutes, and 26 more in the next five minutes.
08:45 --  we leave as the traffic into the terminal has almost ceased. At the vehicle checking station nothing new. Dogs. People. Lavatories open, relatively clean, with toilet paper.

08:55 Shaked Checkpoint

Stench across the whole area. Manure? (Unrecognizable.) Reminiscent of the smells of uncultivated swamp. We see three soldiers, a number of pedestrians and cars. After five minutes of the terrible smell, we decide to leave.
09:00 -- we leave.