Etzion DCL, Mon 10.9.07, Morning

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Haya A. and AdaG. (reporting)

Road No.60,  DCL Ezyon,  Beit- Anun 

    1. In front of Nashash :A Jeep and a Hummer are parked on the road and the soldiers are busy with preparation.  

        08.00  Nashash: Silent and empty. 

        08.15  Beit-Omar:NO customers today. 

        08.30  Beit-Anun:Children on bicycles in the narrow passageway. Lessons begin at noon,  second shift,  since there are not

enough classrooms for all of them. 

        08.50  Nebi-Yunes: Some people ask for our help.     We are held up for a rather long time. 

  1.            Ezyon DCL :About 15 people are waiting for the GSS for work permits;  only few are waiting for magnetic cards.

Bureaucratic news:  we find that in order to get information on one’s file – its number & location – one first needs to buy revenue stamps (30 IS), then hand them to a policeman in a DCL or in a police station.Only then will he get the necessary particulars.

Dani Isra’eli confirms that this regulation was issued by police headquarters.

and pointed out that such a service does not exist at police stations and that Palestinians are liable to have to wait for long hours to be admitted there,  if at all.

We are trying to find out what can be done to avoid this new problem.