'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Thu 8.11.07, Afternoon

Smadar H. Deborah L.(reporting) 2 guests from Europe


A Ras 2:20PM – 2:30PM

No special regulations today. IDs were not being checked nor were the vehicles during the short time we were there. Vehicles from Tul Karm were made to slow down, soldiers took a peek at who was in the vehicle, and the vehicle was allowed to continue on it's way. The booth which is used for checking vehicles from Qalqilyia was not manned so the vehicles coming from that direction didn't have to slow down.


When we arrived vehicles were not allowed to move because an army exercise was taking place.   Only a few vehicles were lined up and when the exercise was over, the movement of traffic was resumed.


Transparent plastic against the rain was being installed on the guard tower that over looks the checkpoint from a height.


Anabta 2:47PM


The traffic in both directions was moving with out being stopped. The booths were manned but the vehicles were waved on. Since we just took a quick glance before heading for Beit   Iba, we don't know if there was random checkinginfo-icon.