'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Wed 14.11.07, Afternoon

Nava R.,Hana H.

Translation:Y. Bassis-Student
Shaked checkpoint 14:10 -
The gate is open but only one taxi crosses over into the West bank and two women return to the Seam line zone.
Rihan checkpoint 14:30 -
People returning from the Seam line zone into the West bank go through within 5 minutes. We are told that inside the terminal that are a few illegal aliens who are detained.
the car park area is mobbed with taxis whose drivers wait for people who return home from work.
 Around tree o'clock workers and seamstresses begging to show up . Passage is swift.
 A. tells us that at the Dotan checkpoint there is one officer who demands people to present a passage permit valid to Rihan. All sand roads were blocked and the only  way to get to the Rihan checkpoint is through Dotan .
The DCO does not issue permits solely to the Dotan checkpoint. Cab drivers who call Bassem at the checkpoint are permitted to go through other drivers as well as farmers are denied passage and can not reach their fields.
At the enclosed vehicle's inspection post there are three vehicles in the process of inspecting their merchandise. After about an hour in the enclosed area they move on at 15:25.
inspection of other vehicles is also slow and takes about 20 minutes.
Aanin checkpoint -
The Olive picking season is apparently over. Both at 14:30 and at 15:40 the checkpoint was vacant and signs with the opening hours were removed.