Bethlehem, יום ב' 17.9.07, בוקר

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Haya A., Ada G. (reporting), guests Sabina and Noga

Road number 60, Beit Anun, DCL Ezyon


We headed out at 6:30

We didn't know whether the Palestinians had also moved their clocks. We learned that they changed their clocks as well for the Ramadan, it was a bit of a mess. A few people came to us because of the time confusion or perhaps because of all the holidays.

7:30- Beit Anun

Girls grouped up and paired up to cross the busy  road number 60. The girl school is on the western side of the road which crosses the village. It is very dangerous, the vehicles drive fast and girls, some of them are very young, must cross the alarming traffic.

Can't they arrange a pedestrian crossing there? Or perhaps arrange some road safety guards, preferably as soon as possible, before anything happens.    

9:30- DCL Ezyon

A few people. Two young men managed to get a magnetic card surprisingly. Why did they get it while others were denied? We can only guess. The policeman wasn't at the DCL, we were surprised to find a sign notifying his absence. But people didn't know and they came looking for the policeman.