Hamra, Tayasir, יום ד' 31.10.07, אחה"צ

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Annina K., Leora G. and Yehudit H.
Tyasir, Hamra CPs
1250  Tyasir
The CP is empty; we do not see the soldiers. After ten minutes a truck loaded with fruits and vegetables going in the direction of Tyasir shows up. It stops near the white line that has recently been added. We never saw it before. The soldiers emerge from the structure with the turnstiles. The truck is called to advance and in two minutes it goes through the CP. A bus with laborers coming home from work also goes through without any inspection.
1310: Trucks and private cars arrive from Tyasir. They halt about 40 meters from the CP and the drivers are called one by one for a more careful inspection. All the doors of the cars are opened; the soldiers walk around the cars and then allow them to drive off. Passengers get out and go quickly through the structure. Then they come out and join the cars in which they arrived. The reservists are now on duty at the CP. That is what one of them tells us.
1350 Hamra
Here too there are reservists. Those going through talk to us and say: "Thank God, everything is fine!" A group of teachers arrives on foot from the Jeftlik and they too say that now it is much easier to go through the CP. After a short conversation with us they enter the structure, and from there they go on quickly. Those who come from Tubas to Jeftlik or to Jericho also go through a quick inspection.
One of the soldiers tells us that the Haredi soldiers have left for a few months of training. The reservists will be manning the CPs during that time. We leave with a feeling that the CP is superfluous and wish it didn't exist .....