Magistrate Court

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Tsipi Z., Michal Tsadik (reporting)

15:00 – 20:00


Instead of going to Hebron we went to Jerusalem to the trial of Nasser Nawajeh from Soussiya (Southern Hebron Mountains) in order to support him.

The trial began at 17:00.

In court we met Hagit Shlonsky and Chaya.


Nasser is sueing the Soussiya settlers for attacking him two years ago. 

Today was the first hearing in court.

Nawajeh's attorney is Eitay Mack who described the difficulties put in the way of Nasser to prevent him from coming to court.

Nasser naturally applied for an entry permit according to all the rules, but no decision was made until a day before the hearing.

Passover vacation took priority in this matter.

Hana Barag intervened and managed to obtain an entry permit at the last minute.

On the morning of the hearing Nasser arrived at the Israeli District Coordination Office and waited in vain for an hour and a half.

Luckily he met a representative of the Palestinian DCO there who informed him that he had received the permit and had intended to take him to the Palestinian DCO.  He gave Nasser the permit.

Why didn’t the soldiers give him the permit straight away?  Military colonial "logic"!

It was lucky that they met by pure chance because otherwise the permit would have arrived at the Palestinian DCO, and Nasser would have had to make his way there in order to receive it. And all this on the day of the hearing itself.


The protocol of the trial [Hebrew] speaks for itself.

Just for the record, the soldiers did not defend Nasser, when he was attacked by the settlers.

The judge did not want to see the film clip which was taken the day of this event and decided that in ten days there would be a hearing during which a decision would be made.