Maya Leibovich and Hanna Barag (reporting); Translator: Hanna K.

05:50 All the control posts were open and the tempo of the passage from the cages to the control was relatively quick.


At 06:15 the "humanitarian" passage was opened. There were few people who had been waiting for it to open. We did not follow the tempo of the opening of the turnstiles. The improvement of the tempo is a cosmetic cover up for the ongoing wrong. Freedom of movement is a cornerstone in the civil rights treaties. Qualandiya, even "at its best" is a symbol of the basic violation of these rights.


We left at 07:30 when the queue became considerably shorter.


The filth in the vicinity of the waiting shed was today worth than usual. It may have been caused by the wind or perhaps the strike of the cleaners, or perhaps by the fact that nobody really cares.