Bethlehem (300)

Clair Oren, Translation: Naomi Gal




More Palestinians are passing today. Every now and then a line is formed for few moments only. Most of the time 2 windows are open, for a short while a third one was opened.

Many children are in holiday attire. I don't know of any holiday. Maybe just a feeling that there is some break and the sun is out...I spoke on the phone with a friend from Bethlehem who said it was very quiet there.

Only one man had to go back. He knew that his permit had expired but he wanted very badly to make sure with the soldier at the window that he is not GSS prevented. "No prevention" assured him the soldier "but you can't pass now."

The cleaning man was sweeping vigorously the whole space and wanted to take out the garbage bags from the windows. Per the soldier's order he called the security guard and told him: "I am going in to take the garbage out. Watch me"...The security guard held his weapon and followed him till he went out with the garbage bag...

The reign of terror .