Hamra (Beqaot)

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Revital S., Rachela H. (Reporting). Marcia L. (Translation)


14:00, Bezeq Checkpoint

We passed through.


Allon Highway

Soldiers of the Kfir Battalion are on military exercises.  In the area of Gochya Gate, the battery is pointed north and west.


14:15 Hamra Checkpoint

A line of 16 cars waits from the eastern direction (right photo); a similar line on the west side (left photo).  All the time cars join the line, but it doesn’t move.

A male and a female soldier (“Lions of the Jordan”) come to inquire who we are.  They listened.

The male soldier claims that they want to kill us all, everywhere; the female soldier looked very surprised. They asked that we take care of ourselves and left.  A pity.  Actually, I wanted to speak with them. There, in that same place, we received blessings of peace from the travelers who are waiting in their cars.



A soldier stationed at the road waves his cap and the line from the east begins to move and passes through the checkpoint without stopping, as if a light changed at a signal.  No car is checked.



A line of cars that had been waiting from the western side arrives. The waiting time of the cars that we tracked was close to 20 minutes.  (A long time!)



The cap waves and another caravan passes from the east.

14:55 - We left.


We decided to give up on the ride up to Tayasir.


15:25 – Bezeq

We were asked how we were doing and we passed through.