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Observers: Nora R., Chana P. (reporting) Translator: Charles K.

The gate was supposed to open at 12:45; it opened 10 minutes late.  First the people leaving (that is, the ones returning from the fields) were inspected – approximately 30 people.  They’re called to the gate one by one by the female MP who reads out their ID numbers and checks them off on a cellphone.  The tractor owners (7 tractors, three of them with spraying equipment) return after their vehicles are identified and exit with the tractor.  The tractors tow a trailer containing the produce.  We saw za’atar and were told they’re also picking olives.  The other laborers exit and wait to get on the tractor.


The laborers entering the fields wait until everyone exiting has come through.  There were 10 laborers at this hour.  The gate opens next at 15:45.


We tried to reach the south gate but couldn’t find the shortcut in the brief time available (it opens at 13:15) so we drove through ‘Azzun and then home.