'Azzun, Eliyahu Crossing, Falamiya, Jayyus

Shoshana Z., Hanna A., Nina Sh., Nina S. (reporting). Translator: Maya

Eliyahu gate.  No pedestrians waiting

Azzun.  No soldiers around

Falamiya North (gate 914), 12:45
The gate opened at 12:50, 5 minutes late.  Passage of about 30 men and 5 women, in addition to hyssop-laden tractors and some trucks. It was calm.  Most were returning from the fields.

Falamiya South (gate 935), 13:20.
Opened on time, about 10 people passing in each direction, as well as some tractors.  We left before closing time to make it on time to the next gate

Jayyus South (gate 965), 14:00.  The soldiers arrived on time.  There was no one wanting to cross there, so we left after 15 minutes.