Michal R., Galia W.


It has been a few weeks since we came to Kira for a meeting of women. After the olive harvest the meeting has been postponed a few times. It is not always clear to us what the reasons are, but the general difficult atmosphere affects this encounter too. After all we are not on a desert island…


In the meantime it has transpired that an extensive explanatory activity on violence against women is taking place in the village. K. and A. prepared a presentation, as well as instruction for young girls. The women tell us that in this respect too the situation in the village is relatively good: there is no physical violence and the general attitude is relatively liberal. Young women go to universities and are also able to become integrated in work places.


At the meeting the atmosphere is cordial and open. Only H. tells sadly about her husband, a taxi driver, who was hit by a heavy volley of rocks thrown at him by settlers, on one of the roads of the West Bank. Luckily he wasn't hit bodily, but the car was heavily damaged and as a result his work has been interrupted for three weeks. He stayed at home during the three weeks, dazed and terrorized, unable to support his family. There is no welfare system which could have taken care of him, and it's a good thing that the family does support and assist.