Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked

Lea Reichman and Ruthi Tuval (reporting), Translation Hanna K.

Barta'a Rehan Cp


A very long queue of workers conducts itself in perfect order to the right of the only turnstile, in the direction of the terminal. A', about whom we told already during the last weeks, supervises the order genteelly and voluntarily. Everybody thanks him and praises him. There still is no paid attendant, despite the promises. We measured the arrival time from the end of the queue to the turnstile: 17 minutes. Some feel that it is more like an hour. Two lady teachers are called by loudspeaker to enter by the turnstile that is intended for those returning to the Bank. The parking lot is already almost full. Many trucks and vans are waiting for the opening of the checking site at 7:00.



7:00 Tura-Shaked CP

We arrive a bit before the soldiers. Some dozen people are waiting on the other side. The passage of the cars in both directions is quick, but the exit of people is delayed. One of the soldiers tells us that the delay is created because of an investigation which is conducted about a general security service prevented person. Very small children categorically demand from us calem (a pen in Arabic) and one urchin draws out of Lea's bag her only pen. The others make do with coloured paper napkins they extracted from my pocket. At 7:45 there are no more people waiting by the turnstile. A few workers come out and wait to be collected.


At each of the checkpoints were were asked to help obtain a wheelchair for a disabled family member.