Za'tara (Tapuah)

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Nirit Haviv and Noam Rotem (Local Call), guests
Seriously? Does this make us safer?



The empty tent of the Abu H’ader family            Rami (16) wounded by settlres`dog













An old woman standing next all that has been left of her possessions





9.30 Za'atara CP – a fenced track crosses the hill near the junction. Is it a passage for Palestinian pedestrians? Apartheid in walking tracks aswell? There are many soldiers at the junction. There are no soldiers at the CP itself.


9.50 Ma'ale Ephraim – the CP is not manned.


10.20 Bekaot CP – There is still one track blocked. A long queue of cars from the direction of Nablus, but there is not queue from the direction of the Valley to Nablus.


A Visit at El H'didia – 3 big tents are still there. This is the present of the European Union to a family whose dwelling have been destroyed again and again by the army. Next to the tents the heaps of destruction are still in existence. Abu Saker received an injunction against the destruction of his house by the army, valid until 1.2.16. Then we shall see. His son Razi also received a tent as well as the old couple Abu H'ader and his wife. But the owner of the land from whom they rent is the one who should have asked for an injunction and didn't do it, so that it is possible to destroy their houses again. All the people – children, old people, babies, are all sick. A fortnight under the open sky during the frozen nights have collected their dues. Many lambs have died from the cold. At the old couple's  we saw a dying week old lamb, trying to get on its feet, one of which is paralyzed. It suffers from a serious frostbite and the chances are it won't survive. It breaks one's heart.


Abu H'ader's wife invites us into the tent which the European Union gave them and we step into an empty tent. Totally. There is nothing in is except a Sochnut iron bed on which there are a few thin mattresses and two blankets. That's it. This is the entire property of the old couple and their two grown up children. A bed and blankets. All the rest has been destroyed by the army, together with their tents, without their being allowed to rescue their belongings prior to the destruction. The result – They have nothing. No kitchenware, no pots, no clothes. Nothing.


Um Jamal – On Saturday 12.12.2015 the 16 year old Rami D' shepherded his father's flocks in the area between Maskiyot and the settlement Rotem, about 5 km from them. 3 settlers arrived with their dogs, probably in the course of a Shabbat walk, and set one of the dogs against the boy. The dog attacked Rami and tore a piece of flesh from his tigh. The settlers stood around and laughed. A Shabbat entertainment. Goes well with the cholent. After they went Rami hopped, bleeding and terrorized, to his father's house at Um Jamal and was taken to hospital. When we visited him he limped very much, was hardly able to walk. His elder brother, our friend Muhamed, who always waits for us on the road, substituted for him as a shepherd. No, he definitely doesn't want to file a complaint. What for? Will an Israeli court of law do anything to a settler? So it's no use taking the risk. We hear this claim very often in the last years. And rightly so. The people of "Yesh Din" can testify to it.