Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked

Rony S. and Hanna H. Translation Hanna K.

Barta'a-Reihan CP – 6.00 – The upper parking lot is loaded with cars and workers who are waiting quietly who are quietly waiting for transportation on a cup of coffee (which they bought in the kiosk belonging to the settler). Everybody says that in the last days the passage was quiet and quick. We go down to the lower parking lot and discover an orderly queue of about 200 people at the entrance to the terminal. The order is maintained under the leadership of one person called Ayad who comes early at 5.00 and organizes the waiting people, until he himself passes at seven o'clock. He is a contractor and his workers have already passed. Every  few minutes 50 people enter the terminal in exemplary order.  Inside 4 wickets are active. From the moment the workers descend from the transport vehicles to the CP until the moment they leave the CP 15-20 minutes have passed.


Shaked-Tura CP – 6.55- The soldiers arrive and immediately let enter those who are waiting to go the seam zone. But the checking is manual (the computer is, as usual, not working) and the passage to the seam zone is slow.

7.05 The pupils arrive and quickly pass the CP. The two school directors with their cars also quickly pass to the West Bank.

7.15 – Cars pass in both directions. One of the drivers who is waiting for the passengers tells us that the delay in the supply of electricity to the village which is adjacent to the CP – DAHER EL MALEC – also stems from problems of ownership of the land. Part of the land belongs to the people of the village of Yabed (which is situated beyond the fence in the territory of the West Bank). Indeed, an inhabitant of Yabed tells us that his family own about 300 dunams near DAHER EL MALEC. In their olive grove there was a fire, they approached the DCO to get a permit to bring a tractor and plants to restore the grove – but were refused, although they themselves have a permit to pass at this CP.