South Hebron Hills

Mira B (reporting), Mohammad (driver, translator, participant)



Purpose of the shift: musical activity in Huda’s preschool, Hashem-el-Daraj

Topic of activity: winter, wind, expressed in music


Road 60: Many new barriers blocking roads from route 60 to the villages. As has already been reported, it is a return to previous times – more than 8 years ago.


Road 317: At the entrance to Tawani, soldiers with drawn weapons; the dirt road to Yatta is blocked.


About 30 children are at the preschool, as are Huda, Amna, and the young teacher Haula.

To our surprise and pleasure, we saw the results of independent activities in the preschool: drawings and creations of the children that were not done as part of our activities with them.  We haven’t seen this in the past.  So perhaps our on-going activities over the years are bearing fruit.


The activity:  This is the same activity we did two weeks earlier at the Um-el-Khir preschool.  Using an umbrella to illustrate the story (Dad’s Umbrella) always elicits an enthusiastic response from the children and the activity with the sheet results in much laughter. Fun!

What was special this time was that staff had already heard me sing the song about the wind so many times and with so many dynamic variations that they, at last, started to sing with me (in Hebrew!), including Mohamed.  A real liberation for all those who say they do not sing.  The children also participated. 


After the activity when we were drinking tea, Huda told us that she occasionally makes meals from legumes for the children – we did see bowls of rice and lentils in the kitchen.  Seemingly, the influence of the Um-el-Khir preschool.  This is really positive because in the past we saw that the all the meals given to the children consisted of pita.  Huda asked us to help with the provision of legumes and also cleaning material.  She noted that this year nobody helps.


Pictures of the activity – the album of 26-11-2015