Roni Hammermann, Tamar Fleishman; Translator: Charles K.



What do you call it when an eight-year-old Palestinian boy with brain cancer who’s on his way to be hospitalized in East Jerusalem is delayed in an ambulance for three hours because somewhere, between there and here, between the Palestinian DCO and the Israeli DCL, someone transcribed incorrectly one digit of his ID number?


I don’t know what chemicals are mixed together in tear gas grenades but what I do know is that the gas was more acrid and corrosive than ever.



I don’t know why the soldiers in the pillbox next to the checkpoint fired tear gas and concussion grenades, but I do know there was no demonstration there and no rock-throwing and no crowd gathered.


They fired an astonishing number of tear gas grenades at people and vehicles and into homes and shops.


Even if you make an effort to understand the IDF’s logic, it doesn’t make sense.


Perhaps the only conclusion – not so absurd - is that the fiscal year is about to end and they have to use up the remaining inventory?