'Anin, Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked

Zafrira Zamir, Neta Gola (reporting). H. Kahana – translation.

One rotten tomato in the crate


15:00 Tura-Shaked CP

The CP is empty and quiet as usual. One car passes over to the seam zone and two pass to the West Bank.


15:20 Barta'a-Reihan CP – on the side of the seam zone

Workers return home to the West Bank from their work at the seam zone and in Israel. They smile at us and greet us. Relatively many people pass from the West Bank to the seam zone, especially women and children. A young mother teaches her infant daughter to say hello to us. We were moved.


16:05 Anin CP

The CP is already open and the passage is at its peak. At the CP there are soldiers of the Bedouin regiment and a military policewoman. The Bedouin commander, a smiling sergeant major, comes up to us. We tell him the on Tuesday one of the persons passing phoned us to complain about a soldier who was shouting and cursing. The sergeant major knows what we are talking about, he wasn't at the CP that morning but heard about the incident from the Palestinians. Even during our stay at the place, one of the elder farmers complained to another soldier about that event. The conversation ended with a handshake of the Palestinian farmer and the soldier. A rather strange sight. The Bedouin commander told us that the shouting soldier doesn't know how to talk to elderly persons and is "like one rotten tomato in the crate".


16:30 Everybody has already passed. The sergeant major said that these were almost all. We didn't wait for the others.