'Anata-Shu'afat, Issawiya

Netta A., Rahel M., Daniella Y. (reporting)
6:30 Anata

The gas station: crossing of cars can take place between and around the concrete blocks.  Evidently observers from the Free Jerusalem group had been there ahead of us.

Near the University

The large rocks have been there forever.  Pedestrians cross in the presence of soldiers; there are random checks.


A second checkpoint: the Dor Alon gas station. A private lot -- concrete blocks -- no soldiers.  Pedestrians cross carefully.  Soldiers sit near the coffee shop.


Another entrance from the main road to Ma'aleh Adumim.  Further on there is another exit from Issaiwya; vehicles leaving.

Shuafat refugee camp

Wild and unsafe construction.  All are Jerusalem residents.  Trash and filth. Municipal taxes are paid, but no municipal services provided.  We fear to enter.  Also at Kfar Akab.

Female students tell us they have been waiting a whole hour at the checkpoint.  Unceasing honking; the line at the vehicle crossing is long and moves slowly. It was possible to open the fourth lane to reduce the pressure, but this did not happen.  Everyone is checked.  There is no humanitarian crossing. People who has waited at the turnstile say there was no respect for their  dignity.  Traffic jams from every direction.