Bethlehem (300)

Clair Oren. Translation: Naomi Gal
9:15 to 11:00
Two windows are open. Relatively few people are crossing at this time. Whenever there is a problem, an Arabic-speaking security guard explains it.  
Sometimes he also clarifies things for the woman soldier at the window. For example, a couple arrives and presents a photo of their Jordanian passport. The security guard explains to the soldier that this is the practice: They arrived for a week’s visit and at the border with Jordan, they were given a photocopy of their passport and the dates of entry and exit.
A not-so-young woman arrives and the woman soldier sends her home. The woman is upset and says that she is old (those over 55 can go through without a permit). How come she is not allowed to pass? She turns to the security guard and he explains in one word: GSS.
-         "But I did nothing!"
-         "Apparently your boy threw a stone ..."
-         "All my kids are fine and they don’t do these things."
-         "Probably one of them did, without your knowing..."
Today there were no Ecumenical representatives.