'Anin, Barta'a-Reihan

Hannah H., Roni S. (Reporting), Hori (driver and translator)


06:00 –Barta’a-Reihan Checkpoint

The parking lot was full of people and cars but they told us that this day fewer people came because “they were afraid to come”.  Likewise, it is clear that the settlements arenn’t allowing Palestinian workers to enter and it is the same in the kibbutzim and moshavim.  Among those who passed through the checkpoint, there were some whose employers did not provide transportation so they just sat in the parking lot until it was time to return home. 


06:10 –Inspection of private cars crossing to the Seam Zone is particularly strict.  Trucks carrying merchandise haven’t as yet reached the area of  inspection. 


Four inspection windows are working in the terminal and the people report that the inspection is quick, but outside there is still a long line.  The workers greet us as they go up the sleeveinfo-icon while taking off their belts. The kiosk is open and  functioning as usual.

A man who works in a sewing shop in Barta’a, told us that a month ago he broke a rib because of the crowding in the entrance to the checkpoint; because of his condition he entered the checkpoint through the women’s line (where there is no pushing).  As a punishment for that he was delayed by one hour and a half. . .


Many young workers rush to their rides.  Opposite, the workers walk in the other direction and return home after their night shifts.


Anin Checkpoint

We arrive early.  The checkpoint is locked.  Olive trees that are close to the road are already harvested.  At 06:55, the white DCO car arrives on the security road.  After 07:00, a jeep arrives with an officer and a driver.  He greets us but he doesn’t enter the area of the checkpoint because . . . he didn’t have a key to the gate.  Neither did the representative of DCO . . . or. . . wait . . . they telephone. . .


07:15 – A car arrives and out comes a soldier, very slowly, with a key.  Loud voices are heard from the direction of the checkpoint.  In the meantime, female students arrived from the Bedouin clans that live at the foot of the checkpoint and wait for a ride to school.

A red tractor crosses first and after that adult women begin to leave.  All of them complained that their sons did not recieve harvest permits; they cannot harvest their whole area alone.  Some of them carry a long stick, to shake the tree; others bring buckets.  Some say only them and their husbands got permits.


07:35 – About 50 young people and adults crossed.


07:50 – A group of 10 young people passed the checkpoint and then waited for an older man to join them.


Two more tractors passed through, carrying women and young people.

We did not count those who passed through the checkpoint but our estimate is about 100 residents of Anin.


08:00 –Everyone had passed through and the soldiers closed the gate of the checkpoint.  Along the way we saw groups of harvesters among the trees.