'Anin, Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked

Ruti K, Hanah H. Translation Mike S.


Etzion Checkpoint – 15.35

The checkpoint is open, operated by three soldiers.  Three tractors (one loaded with furniture) and twelve people are waiting in line, and pass through the inspection station one by one.  A Palestinian sits beside one of the soldiers and waits.  When the checkpoint closes he gets into the soldiers’ vehicle and drives away.


Shaked-Tura checkpoint – 16.05

We arrive at the checkpoint together with the vehicle from Anin.  A Palestinian, an inhabitant of Anin, whose permit has expired, has been brought here so that the military policemen will fill in a form for the civilian administration office in Salem (?). He will have to return from here to Anin, a very long distance. 

A few cars and pedestrians pass through the checkpoint in both directions.


16.30 - Rehan-Barta’a checkpoint

Cars pass towards the Jordan Valley without any delay.  Many laborers are returning from Israel and the Seam-line zone.  There is no queue next to the biometric inspection machines.    We are told that in the morning there were problems, but no details are given.  People are returning from Jenin.