Etzion DCL

Shlomit S, Ora A

10.30  When we arrived, only one man was waiting in the DCL hall, and he told us that had been summoned to a meeting with the GSS today at 10.00.  He arrived on time but has been waiting since then. He hasn’t been spoken to, nor taken inside. He received the summons when he was in the Ibrahim mosque – in the cave of the Machpelah

10.40  Another GSS – summoned elderly man arrived.  According to him, he had already been summoned to a meeting on Tuesday 29.9. 2015.  He had arrived at the appointed hour but had been sent home.  He was instructed to come again today.  Now he is again waiting.

12.05  A GSS agent appeared at the interior window.  We heard him take the elderly man’s telephone number and send him home.

A young man told us that his entry permit was taken away from him, and he was told that he was “GSS-denied”. He tried twice to verify with the GSS why his permit was confiscated and he was told that he was not on the “denied” list.  At the “Permit Center” they continue to claim that that he is denied.  He and his employer, who very much wants his work, haven’t succeeded to solve the problem.  They will have to wait until next Tuesday, when the Israeli People finishes its celebrations.

A young man approaches us.  He has been summoned to a meeting in the Social Security office following his claim for an injury while working at “Rav Bariach”.