Hamra (Beqaot), Tayasir

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Revital Sela and Rohale Hayut (photographing and reporting). H. Kahana –translating

10:00 We passed the Bezeq CP.


10:20 Tayasir CP

The CP is abandoned. The concrete barricade were painted with new colors – white and orange.


We continued to the township of Tayasir. A private car with yellow license plates moved past us. A man from Nazareth who was on his way to Tubas, expressed interest in knowing who we were and asked whether we knew that the passage was forbidden for Israeli citizens like ourselves. When he relaxed he greeted us with “Hag Sameach” and we continued on. We saw no army presence in the area. We saw shepherds on donkeys, and herds. One of the shepherds, who was standing by the side of the road, happily accepted a bottle of water which we offered him.



Alon Road

To the west of the road we saw a few groups of soldiers’ probably spread out for a drill. The rampart has been very much elevated. Near the gate we met B., who happily received the holiday offering which we brought him and his family. He told us about working for 60 Shekel per day ((!) in the hothouses of one of the (Palestinian) families who live west of the rampart and farther away from it. B. told us about his son’s operation (at a hospital in Nablus, for some stomach problem, I didn't understand completely), at a cost of 8000 Shekel. He has already paid 4000 and asked if we could help him to complete the payment.


11:00 Hamra CP

The temperature is 36 degrees. A torn flag symbolizes in its wretchedness this superfluous CP.


A "blue" police van, police dressed in black. A threatening voice: "may we help you? This is a military area! It is forbidden to enter there!"


It was difficult to be convinced that they wished to help us or to greet us for the New Year. The police drove away. We went to the CP, a child-soldier arrived, begged, implored that we should go away, because we are forbidden to be here, because we stop him from working, because… he would summon the higher echelons so that they arrest us. All the same he was interested to know who we were, why we came, and again he remembered that he must fulfill his obligations… and then he returned to the post on the road.


 The CP with its single lane was not crowded. Cars passed in both directions, passengers greeted us, and no queue was formed. In the yard a big power shovel was parked. At the eastern end of a dirt road there is a red signpost: "passage for pedestrians," and to be on the safe side, a concertina wire was laid, spreading to the field south of the CP. Therefore the pedestrians who in the past used to skirt the CP on their way to the encampment west of it, now must also to pass by the soldiers.


 11:30 We left.



11:40 Ha'alat Makhul

We met the women with the flocks near the troughs. We exchanged gretings for the holidays.


12:00 Bezeq

We passed without being asked any questions.