'Anata-Shu'afat, Al-Ezariya

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Rahel M. (reporting) guest





Was more quiet than usual – perhaps because of the holiday.  However, there were a lot of changes since our last shift before Rosh Hashanah.  There is a metal fence which encircles most of the area from the main road to the checkpoint area.  The two fields which had served as garbage dumps have been cleared over and covered with dirt.  It appears that something is going to be built there. 

While the fields were cleaned up, the parking area  continues to be strewn with refuse. 


Al Ezariya 


seemed to be just getting back to its usual pace after the Eid with lots of deliveries but rather few people around. 


We took the road toward Wadi Nar and noticed that the Bedouin encampment which appeared deserted last time we visited (we thought then because of the sand storm and the extremely high temperature) appeared to have been abandoned.  The meanwhile, serious construction continues all around  We will try to ascertain just what is going up there and who is doing the building and for what.