'Anin, Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked

Netta D' and Ruthi K' (reporting) Hanna K' translating

15:00 Anin CP

The soldiers are present. The CP is opened at 15:05. Three tractors are waiting. One of the tractors, with a cart on which there is a Palestinian woman, tries to tow another tractor which doesn't start. The cart turns over with all the objects on it as well as the woman, on whom everything falls. As it seems nothing happened to the woman, as she gets up and goes to the CP, supported by two who went with her in the direction of the village. Later they succeeded in towing and starting the tractor and everybody passed the CP.


15:30 Tura Shaked CPThe place is very quiet. Somebody waits to pass to the seam zone. A Bedouin comes up to us and tells us that he doesn't manage to cross over at the CPs because he is Israeli. A military comandcar passes. A soldier calls to the Bedouin man out of the car, and it seems they know each other. The Bedouin tells us that the soldier studied medical secretariat after his military service, but decided to return to the career service. He told us he had a pacemaker and that he is forbidden to pass through checking machines. He told us many stories and mentioned, amongst others a group at west Barta'a which acts for peace. A soldier who comes out of the CP reports that everything proceeds smoothly.


16:06 Barta'a Riehan

Many scores of workers returned from their work and came down to the terminal. It seems to us that there are more people passing than usual. An interminable stream. The computers are active. The progress is quick and smooth. One of the workers murmurs in our direction: "our life difficult, really difficult"…

This sums everything up!