Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked

Rachella H. Noah L. (reporting)


0720 – 0750 Tura-Shaked  

On the way to the checkpoint we saw squills(a flower typical of the fall season) blossom. We were worried that even nature has gone crazy in this country and now we're somewhat comforted. The heavy haze is slowly lifting and there are some pleasant breezes.

Most workers have gone through and no one is waiting in front of the gatesinfo-icon and the turnstile.

Traffic continues on both directions without delays.


0800 – 0850 Barta'a – Rihan  

We bought coffee from the vender, who has been removed beyond the Barta'a crossroads. The car park is loaded with lots of taxis and workers waiting for transportation. At the upper end of the sleeveinfo-icon, at the entrance/exit of the terminal a water cooler has been installed, which is nice.


Traffic is heavy mostly from the West bank into the Seam Line zone. Inside the terminal two windows are open and we don't see a line. Those coming out say that "all is well". Passage into the West Bank is swift as well.


At the car park facing us we see a person who is denied passage by the Shabak. That individual has come to us in the past and was put in touch with Sylvia. He told us that he was unable to contact her. We took his number and we'll try to look into that.


We also met Amjud and Marie, who were waiting for transportation to physical therapy in Um-el-Pahchem.  Amjud says that the checkpoint at Ya'abed is unmanned except for the guard on top of the tower, and traffic over there streams along.