Etzion DCL

Shlomit S. Yael S. – reporting Naomi Gal translating

10:30 we arrived at DCL

Officer Adva left and the permits officer arrived; he is gentle and considerate, giving immediate and practical answers.

Still ... occupation doesn’t become more comfortable....

There are a few cars in the parking lot among them Palestinian Authority's cars whose owners apparently came to submit and receive permits.

In the waiting room there were no people at all. But people came out with permits or magnetic cards or with instructions of how to make a new and whole magnetic card after the card broke...

There was no police presence today too and probably not on other days. The officer suggested that Palestinians call before they come to the advanced command post to find out if there is a policeman in Etzion DCL…a slight improvement since the previous report. Even the weather has improved and the sky was blue.

Towards the end of summer the smells of sewage returned to DCL’s pure air…

While we were at DCL, more people arrived. Among others ultra-orthodox Jews arrived to the employment office to get permits for their Palestinian employees. The officer spoke again with the employment office and with the soldier responsible for letting people in, and the carousels were released...

There were no new people with prevention.

Happy New Year